Beau Price

Marketing & Sales

Beau is in charge of all our sales and marketing.  Beau is uniquely qualified to let you know exactly what kind of product, prep, and application your home or painting project needs because of his extensive experience with both interiors and exteriors.  Beau is married to Priscilla and they have a beautiful baby girl Taya.  Beau is passionate about flyfishing and spending time in the outdoors.  Beau loves to build long lasting relationships with our customers.


Tom Martin


Tom has been in the construction field for most of his life. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Forestry and Natural Resource Management from Cal Poly State and is a retired Professional Timber sport Competitor with eight (8) Hand Sawing World Records.

Tom is also an avid outdoorsman and family man. He can be found in the Central Oregon mountains hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting with his family of wife Sarah, Taylor & new addition Sawyer.

“Tom is passionate about customer service because that is what we do. We serve people in everything we do in life. Be it at home, at work, at public gatherings, or one on one, we are serving those around us with our unique characteristics only we can offer.”
Greg Price—Owner


We are Hiring!  Tightline Quality Painting is growing.  Tightline Quality Painting is a drug free painting company.  If you would like to work for a great company that has competitive pay and solid work give us a call. 

Give us a call if you have:

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Reliable transportation
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Great Attitude

We are currently looking for painters with all different skill levels from entry laborer, to journey man painter.  Please give us a call today to look into joining our team.

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