5 Benefits To Hiring A Professional Painting Contractor in Bend, OR

When you’re looking to paint your home, be it the exterior of your home or the interior of your home, it sometimes can get a bit overwhelming — so you might think to hire a professional painting contractor.

There are, of course, other upsides to hiring professional painting contractors, some of which you might not have even considered.

With that being the case, here are five benefits to hiring a professional painting contractor in Bend, OR.

1. Years Of Experience

As much as you might consider that you have experience painting your own home, you surely will not have the kind of experience that a typical professional painting contractor will have.

Imagine, if you will, that a good painting contractor might have five years of experience in the field — this could translate to having hundreds of paint jobs under the belt, so to speak, meaning that every stroke, every shifting of the sandpaper — they know exactly what to do it and how to do it right.

When you consider how much longer it might take for you to accomplish the same paint job due to your comparative lack of experience.

2. Insurance

An important thing that any good painting contractor has that a typical homeowner does not is insurance that covers the painting work that they do.

This is important because you want to have bigger and more complicated painting work covered by insurance as there is always the possibility that something may happen during the painting process — including accidents that very well may happen.

If they do, you want to make sure that you are financially covered so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for such things happening during the painting process.

3. Better Equipment

While you may have access to perfectly good painting equipment, you as a homeowner looking to paint are surely not going to get top of the line stuff for what very well may end up being a one time job.

Professional painting contractors, on the other hand, will be using their equipment for the job after job, week after week, for many years — so the stuff they get is considerably better as it has to be.

Moreover, you just know that the training that the painting contractor has on using that equipment, by definition, is going to be extensive, so they will necessarily be a lot better at using it than you will be.

4. Access To Quality Paint

Though you might also have access to good quality paint, you don’t have what professional painting contractors have, which is access to bulk discounts on paint on account of the fact that a professional painting contractor will typically buy considerably more paint every year than a homeowner would.

When you couple this with the fact that painting contractors will often have long relationships with their suppliers, you can just imagine that they will be able to get better paint on average than you might be able to get.

5. Time-Saving

A painting project is something that can take quite a lot of time, and when you have to do it on your own, it means that you have to make that time.

Hiring a professional painting contractor will save you time in two ways — one being the fact that the painting contractor for you, saving you the time that you would have spent doing the work.

Moreover, you will be saving considerably more time because if you think about it, the same paintwork that would take you a couple of weeks to do will take a team of professional painting contractors perhaps a week to do.

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