Most of what we do is House Painting in Bend, Sunriver and throughout Central Oregon. Due to the harsh weather in Central Oregon skimping on your paint job is not something you want to compromise on.


Value to us means getting a fair price for exceptional work.  If the lowest possible price is your main consideration in getting your home painted we are probably not the right painting company for you.  However, if you are looking for a painting company that knows from experience how to protect and care for your home we are the right company for you! One of our core values is “paint it like it was your mom’s house” so we DO NOT CUT CORNERS.  We are a painting company that will not cut corners and give you a fair price for the work we do!

The real work in painting is in the prep.  To put this in perspective there is 4-10x more time expended getting the house ready to paint vs. actually painting the house.  The greatest value we give as a painting company is making sure the house is truly ready before we even start painting.  Then and only then our journeyman painters make the magic happen!


Quality is the most important thing we do!  There are many discount painting companies in Central Oregon today.  Two of our four core company values are centered in quality:

  1. “Paint it like it was your Mom’s House”. We don’t cut corners
  2. “100% satisfaction” We do not have unhappy customers

When you book Tightline Quality Painting for painting your home you can rest easy because we will do it right!


We use the highest quality products from Sherwin Williams primarily XIM PeelBond Primer and Sherwin Williams SuperPaint (which is a lifetime paint)  Since we paint so many houses we buy in volume to get the best price on paint and directly pass the savings on to you.  We buy so much paint we are the #1 painting contractor at our Sherwin Williams Store.


Since we do over 200 houses a year we are not only exceptional painters but we are also fast.  How fast?  Most houses that are 1500-2000 sq. ft. we get done in one or two days!  We are all about giving you the best in quality and finishing the job on the day we say we will finish.  The reason we can be in and out so quickly is because our average crew size is 4-5 highly experienced painters (most of our competition uses 2) We have all our procedures streamlined so we can consistently produce the same high quality results over and over again!

Safe & Clean

All of our jobsites are safe and clean at the end of each day.  We have a zero tobacco policy on all our jobsites so you will not have to worry about picking up cigarette butts.  When finished everything is put back in place and everything is cleaner than when we started.