At Tightline Quality Painting we take quality to another level. Our teams specialize in interior painting in Central Oregon. Clean lines, flawless finishes, and seamless trim packs are what we specialize in. We work extensively with a variety of paints, stains, lacquers, and clears, to ensure we have what it takes to complete your interior painting project the way you always envisioned it. We also do drywall repairs.


At Tightline Painting Integrity and trust is our first and foremost company value. All of our employees are clean, safe, and genuinely care about your home, and your possessions. We take extra precautions when any items need to be moved or masked. You can trust us to complete the work the first time the way it should be with no unwanted surprises.


Although we might not be the least expensive option, we believe we provide the best value to our customers by offering fair pricing for exceptional work. Because of our volume, we get excellent pricing on the best products which we then pass down to our customers. We buy so much paint we are the #1 painting contractor at our Sherwin Williams Store.


Whether it is paint and primer, or something that might seem as negligible as tape, we use only the best products in the industry. All woodwork, windows, glass, floors, and cabinets are taped off with green frogtape before a can of paint is even brought into the home. We use only premium paints and primers from Sherwin Williams, meaning better looking finishes that last longer.


We make sure to your home cleaner than we found it. We avoid spills and
accidents by extensive drops and meticulous masking. On most of our jobsites it is common for our customers to comment on just how much masking was used, and to be thankful for our attention to detail but also our genuine care for their belongings and decorations. Throughout the duration of your project and at the completion of each workday, we make sure the jobsite is clean and safe.

If you have a new home that needs to be painted, new trim and doors that need to be finished, or you simply need to freshen up your walls, get in touch for a free estimate today!