Not all decks are cleaned or stained equally!
We have developed best practices for a deep clean of the wood before the stain is applied and method for an even, systematic application of the stain.


If you or your current deck staining company just power-washes your deck and then applies a coat of stain you are not going to get the proper life from your deck. Central Oregon weather is really hard on decks with snow and thaw in the Winter and the harsh sun in the Summer. Wood naturally traps dirt and other impurities. So, before you apply another coat of stain you first need to remove all the grime so the wood can fully accept the stain deep down not just on the surface. We cannot overstate the importance of a deep, deep clean of the wood before the stain is applied.

Application & Stain

We use the highest quality stains available, not all stains penetrate the same or have the same duration. We exclusively use SuperDeck and we have found this stain penetrates deeply to offer excellent ultraviolet (UV) protection.
How the stain is applied is another important step in assuring your deck gets the proper life. We use sheepskin and over saturate to ensure the deepest penetration of the product and removal of excess stain to give your deck a great finish!

If your deck is getting tired we also can fix boards or build you a brand new deck!
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