5 Things To Know About Keeping Your Roof Clean in Bend, OR

When you have a home, one of the issues you must deal with on occasion is the roof — specifically, the maintenance and upkeep of your roof, such that it not only continues to look as good as it can but it has a good long healthy life — it is the thing protecting you from the elements in your home, after all.

What a lot of people don’t realize about roof cleaning is that if you neglect it, it can lead to the deterioration and ultimately ruin your roof, which then necessitates its replacement.

With that being the case, let us look at five things to know about keeping your roof clean in Bend, OR.

1. Rakes May Be Perfectly Adequate

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the world of roof cleaning, particularly when it relates to what is needed to clean your roof.

People might have the notion that you need to have some kind of complicated equipment to clean your home’s roof properly, but this is not necessarily the case.

There are cases, for example, where you may have dry leaves on your roof — you don’t need expensive equipment to clean them off of your roof if you have a simple rake and ladder long enough to get you access to your roof.

2. Make Sure Your Ladder Is Sturdy

It may seem a bit obvious to state that you’re going to need a sturdy ladder to clean your roof, but the importance of this really cannot be overstated.

There have been countless people who have fallen off of ladders and gotten seriously injured or even killed as a result of not being careful and having their ladders made to be a bit more sturdy prior to heading up.

If need be, it’s even better if you have someone standing next to the ladder to make sure that the ladder does not take a spill.

3. Consider Scaffolding Instead

Though a ladder is a perfectly good way to get yourself up on the side of your home for the purpose of cleaning your roof, you can do much better for yourself if you construct a scaffolding system.

Just about any scaffolding will indeed cost you quite a bit more than a simple ladder system, but it may be worth it if you are looking at possibly painting the exterior of your home after you have finished cleaning your roof.

4. Do Not Use A Power Washer For Cleaning

The very nature of a power washer would suggest that it would be the perfect tool to help you get your roof clean, but this would be a bit of a mistake for you.

As powerful as the washers are, they can do quite a lot of damage to your roof, which can be counterproductive when all you are trying to do is get a mess off of your roof, not to destroy it in the process.

5. Check For Damage

When you are already close enough to your roof that you can clean it properly, you may want to consider also checking for damage and then taking proper measures if you happen to find any.

The wise thing about this is that you aren’t going to have to take all of the effort and time into getting yourself up to the roof to check for damage — you can say that you’re eliminating two projects while only making the base effort to take care of one of them.

The best time to check for damage to your roof is when you are already up there cleaning it.

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