7 Tips And Tricks For Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Bend, OR

In the process of remodeling your home, you may think about painting your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them entirely — it is certainly better for your budget as well as the environment.

Of course, when you do paint your kitchen cabinets, there are certainly some things you can do to make the whole process a lot better for you in terms of getting it done correctly and making sure that your paint job lasts.

With that being the case, here are seven tips and tricks for painting kitchen cabinets in Bend, OR

1. Make Sure To Properly Sand Before Painting

The painting process, even when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets, relies upon having a smooth surface on which your paint will go.

When you sand the exterior of your kitchen cabinets, you can be sure that you will have a smoother surface and therefore have an easier time painting them.

Some will tell you that between coats of primer as well as between the coat of paint and the second coat, you should also lightly sand so that you make sure you get the best paint job.

2. Don’t Forget To Use Primer

Of course, there is room for the idea that you can use paint that has primer already baked in, but many will tell you that it is far better to use a separate primer.

If you don’t have paint with the primer already in it, you will, in any case, certainly need to use primer — it further helps the paint go onto the surface of your kitchen cabinets smoothly.

In any case, you should certainly wait after painting your primer prior to painting the first coat of paint.

3. Allow Plenty Of Time For Drying

A mistake people make is that they will paint the first coat of paint onto their kitchen cabinets and then not wait long enough and then start painting the second coat of paint.

These same people are shocked and amazed when they see the not yet dry paint coming up, and onto the paint roller, they are using, which ultimately defeats the purpose of trying to paint the cabinets.

The better thing to do is to give your coats of primer and paint time to dry so that you won’t have to take the time to do it all over again.

4. Remove Doors And Drawers Prior To Painting

Though you may think that you will be saving time by not removing the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers before painting, but it is far better to remove them.

By doing so, you will better be able to paint them, and also they will not obstruct you as you are painting your kitchen cabinets.

5. Label The Doors And Drawers

Since you are going to be removing the doors and drawers, you may think that you can just put them back anywhere they fit.

Indeed, it is better to label them and to put them back exactly from where they came so that they fit precisely and without problems.

6. Test Out Paint Samples At Home

To get the best idea of what color is best for your kitchen cabinets, you can’t just look at a paint swatch in the store and think that you’ve found it — the way that it looks in the store isn’t how it will look at home.

Instead, get a small sample of the paint and apply a small amount — and then for an investment of a few dollars, you can see how the color will look in different light conditions in your kitchen.

7. Make Time For The Project

Possibly the most important thing you need to know before you paint your kitchen cabinets is that you need to make time for it — it’s not going to be the kind of thing that will take a few hours.

Between the time that it takes to sand, clean, paint, and prime, of course, you are looking at least at a painting project that will take a few days.

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