5 Tips For Saving Money While Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in Bend, OR

Your child’s bedroom may be one of the rooms in your home that gets painted more often because of the resident or residents that live in it — a child or children that can sometimes change their mind about what they want as far as wall colors go.

As often as this may be, it’s a good idea to find ways to cut down the costs of your interior painting work such that if you need to repeat the process with other colors a few years later, you will be able to do so.

With this being the case, here are five tips for saving money while painting your child’s bedroom in Bend, OR.

1. Borrowing Equipment Rather Than Buying Cheap Equipment

When you are looking to paint your child’s bedroom, one of the most significant investments that you can make comes in the form of the hardware that gets used to getting the painting done.

This means the various tools that are used for the painting of the room as well as the preparation of the painting itself — good paintwork requires all kinds of preparation beforehand like sanding and the like.

If you are not going to be using the equipment more often, it’s not worth spending the money on equipment that is better in quality and in any case, you wouldn’t want to get cheap equipment (see below), and so if you can get it at a discount from a shop like Goodwill or to borrow it from friends, that would be ideal.

2. Consider Mis-Tinted Paint

Paint is and can be one of the larger functional elements of your kid bedroom paint job — depending on the quality of the paint, you might be looking at quite a lot of money for as many gallons as you will need.

There are a few ways that you could get paint that is of higher quality (which would therefore last longer), including going to places like Habitat for Humanity, but there is also the idea of mis-tinted paint.

The idea of mis-tinted paint is that people will go to a paint store and request that it be tinted a certain shade, and then if they later go and want to pick it up and look at it and say they don’t like it, they don’t have to take it.

The store is therefore left with the task of selling it, but since it is so very specific in tint, they will sell it at a lower cost — and someone else’s loss is your gain.

The only thing you need to remember is you don’t have much choice as to what color you’re getting — but perhaps your child is adventurous and would like that sort of thing.

3. Measure Well Before Painting

One thing you’re going to need to do before you begin painting is to measure the walls of the bedroom.

The reason that you must do this is that you won’t know how much paint you will need if you don’t do so and if you buy too much — that just paints that are going to go to waste because in all likelihood your child will want a new paint when it comes time to paint again.

4. If You Buy Paintbrushes, Buy Quality Paintbrushes

Don’t buy cheap paintbrushes — what you do when you buy cheap paintbrushes is you are just looking at ways to get bristles from the paintbrush in the paint itself.

When that happens (and it almost always does with cheaper brushes), you will have all the cleanup work to do — better to get a higher quality paintbrush in the first place.

5. Stir Well To Paint Well

If you want to look at a way that you could easily throw away the money that you spend on the paint you use to paint your child’s bedroom, don’t mix it well.

A right stir stick is all you’re going to need to make sure it stirs well — if you mix up the paint, you will get bubbles in the paint and the paintwork.

Better to take the stick and drill some small holes in it and then stir the paint — and you will get a nice smooth paint job out of it.

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