Should You Paint Your Brick Exterior In Bend, OR?

When you have a house with a brick exterior, you might think that it could benefit from being painted.

Before you do so, you should be aware that painting a brick exterior is not all positive — there are certain downsides to painting a brick exterior.

With that being the case, let us now discuss and explore whether you should paint your brick exterior in Bend, OR.

You Should Not Paint It Because: Painting Brick Is Mostly Permanent

Before you start getting into an exterior brick painting project, you should know that once you go all-in on it, there’s pretty much no turning back.

While other kinds of house exterior surfaces can get the paint removed and you can basically get it back to how it was before it was painted, this is not quite so when you have a brick exterior.

When you have a brick exterior, once you paint, you have not really any options other than to change the color by painting the brick exterior another color.

You Should Paint It Because: Painted Brick Is Better Protected

Brick is a porous material, and as such, it is more sensitive to the elements.

The act of applying coats of paint to the brick and getting it to be a painted brick exterior gives it a good impervious surface that cannot be so easily penetrated with things such as rain and snow.

If you’ve ever seen a rain-soaked brick, you know that it’s quite a long time between when it gets wet and when it dries.

You Should Not Paint It Because: You Need To Clean It More Often

One thing you should know about a painted brick surface (as opposed to an unpainted brick is that it’s a lot more obvious when it gets dirty.

The reason this is the case is that when unpainted brick gets dirty, the dirt can blend in well with the brick itself.

Painted brick, on the other hand — the contrast between the painted brick and the dirt that gets on the surface of it is more obvious.

You Should Paint It Because: It’s Easier To Clean It

Although it’s true that you will have to clean your painted brick home more often, the good news is that it’s a lot easier to clean it.

The non-porous nature of painted brick means that it’s so much easier to clean — think of the smooth surface of something that is painted and how much easier it is to clean that smooth surface than it is to clean something that is rough and porous.

So even though you do have to clean the exterior of your painted brick exterior more often, it will be considerably easier for you to do so.

You Should Not Paint It Because: Trapped Water Can Destroy From Within

There exists a possibility that there could be imperfections in your paintwork in the form of cracks, which could allow water to get under the surface of the paint  — and if you didn’t use the right sort of paint, that paint would remain there right up against the surface of the brick.

The longer it stays there without your noticing it, the worse the damage will be to the brick — and there’s really no way to know that it is there until it has done incalculable damage to your brick exterior.

The good news is that there is paint that is meant more for painting brick exterior that is entirely breathable that allows water to escape, and that would not permit such a bad thing to happen.

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