7 Tips and Techniques For Preparing Your Ceiling For Painting in Bend, OR

When you are looking to paint your ceiling, you have to take certain measures beforehand such that you have a successful painting project.

You can’t just start by going into the room where the ceiling is found and start painting with no preparation as you will likely err when you are painting it.

With that being the case, here are seven tips and techniques for preparing your ceiling for painting in Bend, OR

1. Make Sure You Have Safe Access To The Ceiling

One of the first things that you need to be able to do when you are looking to paint your ceiling is that you have to make sure that you have both safe and adequate access to it.

By this, we mean that you should know if you are going to be using some sort of a ladder or scaffolding system to reach the ladder or if you would find it easier to use a paint roller with some sort of extending capability.

In most cases, you’re not going to want to try to make your own scaffolding by taking long flat objects like wooden planks and stacking them on, for example, paint buckets that are stacked.

On top of being dangerous, such makeshift scaffolding systems are nearly impossible to move from place to place in a room.

2. Choose Your Painting Tools

You are going to need to choose the appropriate tools with which you are going to be painting your ceiling.

Of course, you will need a paint roller for the vast majority of the ceiling as it spreads the paint most evenly, but you will also need at least one or more paintbrushes to paint.

3. Take Measurements Before Starting

Before you even start painting your ceiling, you will need to know the measurements of your ceilings, even if they are not precise.

With approximate measurements of your ceiling, you are going to be able to know how much paint you are going to need but also how long you are going to need to spend during the painting process, including time for drying.

4. Choose The Correct Paint For Your Ceiling

There are those who would suggest that you can use just about any indoor paint to paint your ceiling, but this is not necessarily the case.

There are paints, for example, that are specifically made to paint ceilings — they tend to be flat and drip significantly less — though of course, just about every paint will drip, so you still need to protect against that.

5. Clean The Ceiling First

A dirty ceiling is one that is not painted well, and if you allow your ceiling to remain dirty, it’s not going to just be good to try to paint on top of it.

Before you paint your ceiling, you should fully remove the dust from the ceiling and also wipe to the best of your ability the ceiling such that it is clean — and then allow time to pass for it to dry.

6. Remove The Furniture From The Room

If there’s one thing that will get in the way of your painting the ceiling, it is furniture in the room.

You should, as best as you can, remove all of the furniture from the room being painted — and anything that you cannot remove in terms of furniture should be moved to the center of the room and covered with a paint resistant tarp.

7. Prime Before Paint

The first step you are going to want to take before you apply the first coat of paint is to use primer, which is good for helping your paint adhere to the surface.

Moreover, a ceiling that is painted over a coat of primer will have a paint job that will last longer.


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